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3 Reasons You Need Business Insurance

1/30/2020 (Permalink)

Concept of Business Insurance, with Business Insurance on Blue Enter Button on Modernized Keyboard. You'll be glad you have a good business insurance policy to cover the cost of restoration

Here Are A Few Reasons You Need a Solid Business Owners Policy

There are many monthly expenses that you should include in your budget. Good business insurance is one of them. Water damage in your commercial building in Bryson City, NC, can be very expensive to repair. If you have the right coverage, however, it doesn't have to be devastating. Here are a few reasons you need a solid business owner's policy.

1. Protect Your Investment

You invest a lot of time and money into your commercial property. It just makes sense to have the insurance coverage you need to take care of it. Broken pipes and leaks can cause a lot of damage. By insuring your building, you can be assured that you have the resources to get the mitigation you need.

2. Save Money

It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you won't have to worry about water damage in your building. After all, if you conduct frequent inspections and keep up with maintenance, you can avoid most problems. You can't predict emergency issues, though. While a monthly premium may seem expensive, it's a drop in the bucket compared to the potential cost of repairs if a large disaster strikes.

3. Avoid Lengthy Interruptions

Having a good insurance policy to fall back on can help expedite the repair process. When you call your insurance company to report a problem, a representative can probably suggest reputable water cleanup professionals in your area. The technicians and your adjuster can work together to make sure your building is restored as soon as possible. The less time you have to spend waiting on repairs, the sooner you can get back to business as usual.
No matter how well you care for your building, water damage from a leak or busted pipe can happen. When it does, you'll be glad you have a good business insurance policy to cover the cost of restoration.

3 Benefits of Owning a SERVPRO Franchise

1/27/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicles parked in the street Our SERVPRO Haywood & Transylvania Counties team is available 24/7

3 Key Benefits of Owning a SERVPRO Franchise

When opening a franchise in Brevard, NC, one of the most important aspects to consider is the nature of the corporate-franchise relationship. This relationship determines the level of support and independence each franchise receives. The following are three key benefits of owning a SERVPRO Franchise:

1. Growth Opportunities

To begin with, each Franchise owner services one territory. That territory is determined by SERVPRO according to demographic and socioeconomic data. However, after establishing yourself in the area and meeting productivity criteria determined by SERVPRO, you may be eligible to purchase licenses to service other territories. If you have the means to do so, you may be permitted to add supplemental services, such as crime scene cleanup and asbestos removal, to your Franchise's repertoire.

2. Training and Support

Before opening a SERVPRO Franchise, every Franchisee goes through a 17-day training program that covers all aspects of disaster restoration. This program is also available to Franchise Employees. Additionally, new Franchises receive startup assistance for the first six months of operation, and continuing education and training opportunities are provided for owners and employees throughout the life of the Franchise. Due in part to the support provided to new Franchisees, SERVPRO has been listed as a top franchise endeavor by a variety of outlets, including Forbes Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

3. Name Recognition

Although every Franchise is locally owned, the consistent branding creates instant name recognition. You will be required to use marketing that adheres to SERVPRO's Brand Identity Guide. You will also utilize SERVPRO-branded equipment, which is included when purchasing the Franchise. The SERVPRO training school is certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The training results in consistently high-quality service throughout the country. This means that, wherever you are, potential clients know to expect quality work from SERVPRO.
Opening a franchise can be a daunting experience; however, SERVPRO provides its Franchisees with the support to make the process streamlined and successful. The SERVPRO website can provide you with more information about opening a SERVPRO Franchise in your area.

3 Ways to Prevent Mold on a Rental Property

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

Walls covered with mold Mold infestation in Waynesville, NC

3 Ways to Prevent Mold on a Rental Property

When your Waynesville, NC, business involves rental properties, mold prevention can be an important maintenance requirement for acquiring or maintaining a tenant. Fortunately, there are a number or prevention steps you can take to protect the property.

1. Regular Maintenance

One of the first things that can be done to help prevent mold growth, is to regularly maintain the property. This means looking for any areas that could lead to water damage such as missing shingles, or a loose window. Staying on top of any maintenance needs can help you ensure that repairs are made as soon as possible, which can in turn help prevent long term damage.

2. Quick Repairs

Quick repairs are an important step to mold prevention, as they allow for problems to be identified and repaired in time to prevent a larger problem such as mold. Mold grows best in dark and damp environments. This means that it is most likely to occur in an area where there is a moisture problem such as around a leaking roof, window, or foundation. If you find such a problem on a property, making quick repairs can allow you to address the source before mold sets in.

3. Professional Help

When you have rental properties you may also wish to have the contact information for a local restoration service. These professionals can help with a variety of damage types from fire to flooding, but they should also have experience in mold remediation, which means if there is a problem they can find the source and remove the spores. They may also be able to perform mold tests if you believe there may be a problem but can’t identify the source.
One of the most important aspects of mold prevention is to prevent the growing conditions in the first place. This can mean regularly maintaining the property to prevent leaks, making necessary repairs quickly, and in some cases contacting a professional for help.

How to Deal with a Burst Pipe As a Property Owner

1/4/2020 (Permalink)

Rusty pipe spraying water As a property owner in Waynesville, NC, you have responsibilities to your tenants, their safety being the primary one.

As a property owner in Waynesville, NC, you have responsibilities to your tenants, their safety being the primary one. While you may do everything that you can to ensure that they are protected, there are times where the unexpected happens, and you must act in their best interest. A broken pipe is one of these instances, and as a pipe burst cleanup can be extensive, there are specific steps that you will likely take.

1. Evacuate Tenants

The first step to ensure that your tenants remain safe is to evacuate any affected areas. Depending on the type of pipe that burst, the cleanup process may require the removal of tenant belongings, and it can require the replacement of several items. It is essential to go over the building insurance policy as well as any renters policies to understand your liabilities in this situation.

2. Mitigate Further Damage

Once you have ensured the safety of your tenants, you can begin the mitigation process, which merely means alleviating any further damage to your building. After a pipe burst, you should turn off the water supply, remove any excess water, and thoroughly dry out your building. During this time, you can remove any water-damaged materials, like carpeting, flooring, drywall, etc.

3. Call in a Restoration Company

As the pipe burst cleanup process can be arduous, you may find it necessary to call for the assistance of a sewer cleanup company or other restoration company to ensure the timely completion of any required renovations, allowing tenants to return to their homes or businesses as soon as possible.

Property owners typically do their best to protect not only their investments but their tenants, and, while a burst pipe is not always predictable, a building owner will want to move quickly through the pipe burst cleanup so that their tenants can return to normal. This is not just about doing good business, it’s about being a good landlord. For more information, visit

Protecting Your Business From Potential Fire Disasters

12/30/2019 (Permalink)

Team of happy firefighters looking away by firetruck at station Contact first responders in the area to ask for advice

Protecting Your Business From Potential Fire Disasters

As a business owner, you likely worry about the progress and security of your enterprise daily. While most of those concerns are probably centered around profit-and-loss statements, there is likely some concern for disasters, like fires. Therefore, to make sure your business is as safe as possible, consider implementing the following four fire preparation tips.

  1. Create an evacuation plan
  2. Obey fire codes and regulation
  3. Maintain fire suppression equipment
  4. Contact first responders and mitigation experts

Create an Evacuation Plan

The first step in any disaster preparation effort is to create an evacuation plan. Keep in mind that the core of a business is the employees and people that make up the company. Therefore, their safety is of the utmost importance. Create several clear exit pathways and make sure they are practiced.

Obey Fire Codes and Regulations

The next to-do in fire preparation is to obey all fire codes and regulations. Every industry likely has specific things that they are required to do by the government to help prevent fires in their building. Be sure you know these laws and codes.

Maintain Fire Suppression Equipment

Fire suppression systems and equipment are the greatest way to prevent fire damage in your building. Dunns Rock, NC, does require that businesses have so many fire extinguishers on the premises. However, that number typically varies based on the size of the building. Also, if your property has a sprinkler system, make sure that you have it checked annually, keeping everything in working order.

Contact First Responders and Mitigation Experts

Next, you can contact first responders or mitigation experts in the area to ask for advice. Some fire mitigation companies will even assess your property and help you prepare emergency plans.
Fire preparation is critical to the safety of your employees and your business. By taking the time to prepare and obey fire codes, you can reduce your risk of catastrophic fire damage.

5 Ways To Prepare Your Business for a Snow Storm

12/21/2019 (Permalink)

Get Ready For a Severe Weather

If you are expecting a snow storm in Clyde, NC, then it is important to be prepared, both for the sake of your business and for your employees. The following are some steps you can take to get ready for severe weather.

1. Watch the News
Because the weather can be unpredictable, the circumstances and severity of the storm may change over time. In order to be prepared for the situation, you should be sure to keep up with the news. This will allow you to change your plans if necessary.

2. Back Up Important Files
A power outage or water damage can affect your devices and can sometimes result in the loss of data. In order to avoid losing any important work, you should back up your files before a storm. You may want to upload them to cloud storage and make physical copies.

3. Have Necessary Repairs Done
Any damage your building may have can be made worse by a snow storm. In order to keep your building in the best possible condition, you should maintain the building regularly, and have repairs done as soon as possible if you are expecting bad weather. Check for deterioration near doors and windows, and look for cracks in the building’s exterior.

4. Keep the Building Warm
The temperature may go down during a winter storm, which can cause pipes to freeze. If this happens, you could have a pipe burst that results in flooding in the building. Insulate exposed pipes and keep the heat on to prevent this.

5. Work From Home
Depending on the severity of the storm, it might be unsafe to have your employees come to work. Have a plan in place to have everyone work from home if the weather becomes dangerous. Make sure that the policy is clear so that everyone knows what is expected.
Being prepared can reduce the amount of damage you experience during a snow storm, but you may still need to have some repairs done. Contact a cleanup and restoration service to do any needed work and keep your building in top shape.

Finding the Cause of a Leak in the Bathroom

12/9/2019 (Permalink)

Leakage of water from a shower cabin with glass wall that is damaged Shower leak in Retreat, NC

Ah, the beauty of a tiled shower or bathtub surround – easy to clean, no leaks, just a beautiful expanse of ceramic spread out before you. But those tiles can also be the culprit when a leak appears. Shower floor pans can also leak, causing damage to the ceiling below, the floor or even running into the heat duct. A bathtub leak on any scale can cause problems if not discovered quickly.

5 Tips for Locating a Leak in a Shower

Sometimes, the location of a leak can be obvious. Other times, it may take a bit of investigation to find the problem. The following guidelines can help you know where to look for signs of a bathtub leak or shower pan leak.

Check all corners and edges carefully for minute cracks in the grout or caulk. Run a finger over the material to ensure it is secure and doesn’t move out of place.
A fiberglass bathtub can leak from even a small fissure, especially when the weight of a body pulls it open. The fissure or crack should be patched with weight in the tub to ensure it is completely filled.
A small crack in the edge or corner of a shower pan can cause a leak. If you can access the ceiling below, inspect it carefully for signs of water, bulging or stains, however small.
Check carefully around drains of showers and bathtubs for any sign that they are not sealed properly.
Inspect any crevices, joins or thresholds to make sure they are completely sealed and that no water can get through.

Combatting the Leak

It may be as simple as cutting away the existing molding or caulk and squeezing a new bead into place, making sure to smooth it down carefully with your finger to ensure contact. With larger problems that you cannot handle, get help from a professional water damage restoration company in Retreat, NC, to find and repair the damage.
A bathtub leak can be a real problem if left untended. Doing a thorough inspection can help you minimize the damage and remedy the issue before a catastrophe takes place.

Controlling Mold Growth in Your Home

12/1/2019 (Permalink)

Hand pointing at mold growth on the wall Mold can cause serious health issues.

As any remediation or restoration service in Waynesville, NC, will tell you, mold damage can lead to extensive repairs in the home, which means prevention is the priority. Despite what you might think or what you have been told, mold growth can be controlled. However, the prevention of mold development requires vigilance in three areas, specifically.

Home Maintenance

While most homeowners are familiar with forms of mildew growth in laundry rooms, basements or bathrooms, routine inspections should also focus on some not so obvious areas. To control mold, you should search attics for any signs of roof leaks and repair when found. Also, check around the seals of windows and doors for any signs of cracking or water damage. You can also inspect for leaky pipes. Mainly, all signs of water infiltration should be remedied, and you should continue with these visual inspections monthly to ensure that no new issues arise. The critical step in mold prevention is eliminating sources of dampness and free-flowing water.

Humidity Levels

High levels of mold damage often occur in areas of high humidity because of the amount of dampness in the atmosphere. Therefore, another key to controlling mold development is to control the level of moisture in a home. One of the best ways to do this is to purchase dehumidifiers for use in places like basements and laundry rooms where ventilation and airflow are restricted.


Another way to control mold growth is to increase ventilation in places prone to high levels of humidity. For example, install attic fans to reduce the buildup of heat and moisture. Also, ensure that vent hoods above kitchen ovens are in good working order.
Mold damage can be costly, especially if it has been left to develop in damp spaces. To limit the risk of mold development in your home, perform routine inspections, purchase dehumidifiers and improve ventilation throughout your home.

Fire Safety Tips for the Kitchen

11/26/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke surrounding a smoke alarm that's going off Protect your home with fire alarms

According to the National Fire Protection Association, cooking fires are the most common cause of home fires and the resulting injuries. Here are a few safety tips you need to know:

Never throw water on a grease fire. Instead, keep a lid nearby to smother the fire.
If there's a fire in the oven, turn off the heat and leave the oven door closed.
Treat a microwave fire the same way; unplug the appliance and leave the door closed.
If you aren't sure you can safely handle the fire, get out of the home and call the fire department.

On average, there are 471 residential cooking fires every day in the United States. Knowing how to respond safely to these fires is crucial but knowing how to prevent fires is even better.

Stay Alert

Most cooking fires happen because of inattentiveness. Protect yourself and your family by never leaving cooking food unattended. It's easy to become distracted by children or a phone call, or even by something that pops up on your social media feed. However, when you're grilling, boiling, simmering, or baking, you must pay attention to your work. If you have to take a phone call or leave the room, turn off the stove.

Keep Flammables Away

Oven mitts, kitchen towels, utensils, packaging, and curtains that could catch fire should be kept away from the stovetop. It only takes a few seconds for a loose shirt or kitchen towel to catch on fire. Flames move quickly from there to the rest of the kitchen, causing serious fire damage.

Establish a Kid-Free Zone

One of the most important safety tips for children in the kitchen is to maintain a three-foot kid-free zone. Keep children and pets out of this area around the stove to avoid many types of serious injuries.

Make sure you're familiar with safety tips for putting out Waynesville, NC, kitchen fires and well-versed in the guidelines for preventing fires. If you do experience a cooking fire, contact fire and smoke damage repair professionals to help get your kitchen back into working condition.

3 Landscape Tips That Can Protect Your Home From Flooding

11/14/2019 (Permalink)

Fenced backyard. View of lawn and blooming flower beds Your landscape can serve as a useful tool when managing outside flooding

Use Your Landscape To Prevent Flood Damage To Your Home

Preparing for a disaster, including floods and storms, is often important to homeowners. However, many homeowners in Hazelwood, NC, don't consider what impact their landscapes may have on outside flooding. Fortunately, there are several ways you can use your landscape to prevent flood damage to your home.

1. Adjust the Direction of Your Rain Spouts

Your home's rain spouts collect water and divert the direction of rain drainage away from your home. Over time, however, the spouts may shift and end up pointing towards your home rather than away from it. For this reason, it can be helpful to check the direction of your spouts and adjust them as needed. Debris can clog a rain spout and make it difficult for the spouts to work effectively, so it's also often wise to routinely clean your home's spouts.

2. Consider Storm-Proofing Your Driveway

Homeowners often don't think about their driveways when considering how to minimize flood damage. However, paved driveways can make it easier for water to accumulate in one area, which can result in damage to your home. Though emergency restoration services can often assist in restoring homes with water damage, you can design your driveway in a way that helps to prevent damage and manage outside flooding. Instead of using pavement that can't soak up any water, consider a gravel driveway that leaves dirt and grass exposed to help to absorb rainwater.

3. Introduce Depressions Into Your Landscape

Introducing areas of sunken ground, often referred to as swales or depressions, into your landscape can often be a helpful way to prevent water damage to your home. It's often ideal if the depression in your landscape leads to an area such as a rain garden that can better absorb excess rainwater. It can also be helpful to make sure that your swales and other areas of depression in your landscape are free of debris.

Your landscape can serve as a useful tool when managing outside flooding. Adjusting your rain spouts, storm-proofing your driveway and introducing depressions into your landscape can often help to protect your home from water damage during a rain storm.