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How To Prepare for a Flood Rescue as a First Responder

10/20/2020 (Permalink)

Wash your hands. Health- cleanliness concept. Getting into the habit of frequent handwashing is probably one of the single most effective treatments you can do

How To Prepare for a Flood Rescue as a First Responder

When participating in a flood response, all rescue personnel need to be adequately prepared for the potential dangers. Floodwaters often contain a multitude of pathogens. Any first responder should begin preparations by having the appropriate immunizations. In the United States, the CDC has clear guidelines about which prophylactic injections are needed. These guidelines are not applicable outside the U.S., however.

Some Immunizations Aren’t Necessary
In the U.S., most inoculations aren’t considered essential. For instance, rabies shots aren’t usually considered necessary unless you’re going to regularly work with animal control. Other vaccines that are optional include:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid
  • Cholera
  • Meningococcal

However, some are strongly recommended. Tetanus shots are relatively common and are considered important for all rescue personnel. You need a booster for this at least every 10 years. Hepatitis B inoculation is also recommended. All standard childhood vaccines are also important for all Americans to have.

Hand Washing Is Perhaps the Most Important Protectant
Getting into the habit of frequent handwashing is probably the single most effective means a first responder has to prevent illness. You can use a mild soap and water or alcohol-based gels. If you wash your hands often and avoid touching your face, your risk of infection plummets.

Protective Clothing Is Essential Equipment
In a flood, you need chemical-resistant boots or waders, eye protection and disposable gloves. If possible, also get cut-resistant gloves and wear latex ones underneath those.
Once you’ve finished for the day, make sure to isolate your clothing in plastic bags before getting into your personal vehicle or mass transportation. Scrub any body parts exposed to the waters after you’re done.
Emergency workers should also have access to N-95 or similar protective masks. This is less of a problem these days since masks are ubiquitous and widely available.
Once the floodwaters are gone and every first responder has finished providing emergency assistance, homeowners should call in a flood damage restoration and inspection company in Dunns Rock, NC. These professionals have commercial disinfectants that will kill all infectious agents, and they can sanitize all areas that can be salvaged.

3 Things You Should Know About Water Damage

10/13/2020 (Permalink)

A bursting pipe When you face a pipe burst, call for help

Ways To Handle Water Damage

Mold growth is only one of the things that can happen after your water line is damaged. Read on to learn more about water damage and how to handle the situation.

1. Fix the Damage ASAP
When a pipe burst floods your home, you must dry the area as quickly as possible. Mop up any extra water so the area dries faster. Don't use any electrical appliances in the area until it is dry. However, the damage can spread even if you mop up the water quickly. Excess water can get under your floor and cause structural damage. Therefore, the best way to fix damage to your home is to hire remediation professionals.

2. Watch Out for Mold
It only takes a day or two for mold to grow after flooding. Then, it will release spores that feed on all the organic matter in your home. However, you can take steps to prevent mold growth. For instance, you can remove all wet items, such as bedding and carpets.
If you do find mold on your walls or floors, you should attend to it as soon as possible. Use air scrubbers to get rid of mold spores. Be sure to take action quickly and get rid of the mold before it spreads.

3. Check Your Insurance
The first thing you should do is get the inspection and restoration process started. Then, you should call your insurance company and report the water damage. However, not all water damage is covered by insurance companies, so be prepared for the flood of questions. At the very least, be ready to tell where the water came from and how much of your house is damaged.
When you face a pipe burst, call for help. Professionals can help fix the damage quickly and protect against mold while you deal with the insurance company. This can help take off some of the stress from that pipe burst in your home in Clyde, NC.

Commercial Building Water Damage Cleanup Tips

9/28/2020 (Permalink)

Floor with standing water, with tables and chairs on top Commercial water damaged facility

Commercial Building Water Damage Cleanup Tips

A flooded company is bad news. A broken pipe can cause a lot of damage and may even require you close up shop. Freezing is one of the main causes of bursting pipes and flood damage to commercial facilities. But water damage can be caused by fires as well.

Damage From Firehose

A fire is a devastating experience that is often surrounded by frustration, concern, and uncertainty. After a fire, your business may be damaged not only by flames and soot but by water as well. Many times, extensive firehose use by firefighters results in a flooded company with wet floors and drenched walls.

Damage From Sprinkler System

Many commercial buildings are equipped with fire sprinkler systems. They consist of a sprinkler head and a small glass bulb in the middle. The glass bulb is heat sensitive. If the temperature rises high enough to shatter the glass, the sprinklers drench an area with consistent water. Fire damage can be overwhelming in itself, but sprinklers may also lead to water damage. Although this added level of damage is frustrating, these sprinklers can save a building from being consumed by fire.


The most efficient way to deal with a flooded company after a fire is to hire a professional in Waynesville, North Carolina. If you choose to attempt a cleanup on your own, here are the necessary steps.

  • Extract the water.
  • Remove any damaged contents.
  • Dry out the building.
  • Use dry cleaning for any smoke damaged fabric.
  • Use preventative measures to ensure mold doesn’t grow in the damaged area.

When dealing with water damage after a fire, it is common to feel overwhelmed. Make sure to dry out any areas affected by water damage as soon as possible. Water restoration companies can help reduce the stress associated with the disaster and get your business’s doors open sooner.

How Air Purifiers Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

9/28/2020 (Permalink)

Air purifier in a living room, woman working with laptop with filter for clean room Many air purifiers will improve indoor air quality by filtering out unwanted substances in the home

Types of Air Purifiers

If you are like most people, you spend a lot of time in your home. You want to make sure the air quality in your house is healthy for your family, friends and pets. Proper air filtration plays a large role in cleansing the air you breath of impurities. Many air purifiers will improve indoor air quality by filtering out unwanted substances in the home. You can buy a number of different models that use different technologies for keeping the air fresh and pure. The main types of purifiers include the following:

  • HEPA air purifiers
  • Allergy air purifiers
  • Ionic air purifiers
  • Electrostatic air cleaners
  • Smoke air cleaners
  • UV air purifiers

A little research can point you in the right direction for choosing the best air purifier for your home and situation. Pay special attention to cost, ease of use, air flow and efficiency.

Mold and Air Purifiers
If you are concerned about mold spores in your home in Retreat, NC, be sure to choose a purifier than can filter out microscopic particles. HEPA purifiers can be an effective choice. A good HEPA filter removes well over 99% of particulates in the air that measure over 0.3 microns in size. This air filtration standard is often considered the gold standard and is recommended for use for many government agencies.

Mold and Restoration Services
If you do find your home has a mold problem, it might be necessary to call in a professional mold remediation team. Certified technicians will come to your home and begin an inspection and assessment of your property. They will begin to look for and address any moisture problems in the home, as this is often the primary reason mold gets out of hand. The process also involves professional air filtration, mold containment procedures and disinfecting of impacted surfaces and materials. A successful mold restoration removes excessive mold from your home and makes sure the problem does not happen again.

Essentials of Creating a Fire Escape Plan

9/18/2020 (Permalink)

Fire escape plan Fire escape plan steps are not something to shirk off

Begin Now To Worry Less

Your body may enter a fight or flight mode during a blaze; however, you may not want to rely on that response to keep you safe. Instead, households should sit together to discuss the best reactions for various scenarios. After all, knowledge and practice could empower people, assisting them in stressful, dire times. Fire escape plan procedures, therefore, should be put together as a group with everyone ready to take a role in safeguarding lives. Here are four pivotal things to consider during your powwow.

1. Know Your Surroundings
Spend time walking the house together, preparing the emergency escape plan. What areas of the residence are more difficult to evaluate? Are some paths more cumbersome then others? Upstairs locations, for example, could become blocked off. If that happens, how could children and adults get out? This may require purchasing a second-story ladder. If so, teach everyone how to operate the device, and practice using it to get out.

2. Write Out Your Step
Fire escape plan measures should be carefully devised by everyone in the family. People may not be together during the disaster. Each member must be responsible for reacting appropriately. To remain uniform, locate, and complete a template. The American Red Cross has several fill-in downloads that walk groups through what to do. Working as one, you'll keep people on the same page.

3. Be Cognizant of Meeting Locations
Once outside, meet up quickly to ensure everyone is okay. As you devise the emergency escape plan, pick one spot in the front yard and one in the back of the residence. You don't want people trying to cross through the flames. Separate zones aid this effort.

4. Think of Contact Information
Practice phone numbers. Little ones should know their parents' names and cell numbers. They should also be aware of 911. Adults should have a way to get in touch with people, including insurers and fire restoration companies. Contact should be made swiftly to safeguard the premises and secure a claim.
Fire escape plan steps are not something to shirk off. Begin now to worry less later.

Understanding the Potential Causes of Ceiling Tile Discoloration

9/9/2020 (Permalink)

Water leak on the ceiling tiles from the damaged roof, brown stain, office building Ceiling tile stain from an office building in Hazelwood, NC

Four Reasons For Tile Staining

How often do you look up when walking through your commercial building? Most people get used to the environment they work in, and little things like ceilings tiles fade into the background. However, when you do look up, seeing discoloration of the tiles can be disheartening, leading your mind to conclude your building must have tile mold. However, as any mold remediation company in Hazelwood, NC, may tell you, there are at least four reasons for tile staining.

  1. Water leaks
  2. Environmental factors
  3. Age
  4. Mold

Water Leaks
The primary cause of premature tile staining is water damage. You will want to find the reason for the water leak as quickly as possible to prevent possible mold growth. If you work in a multi-story environment, the leak is likely related to plumbing. Single story facility may find issues with the HVAC system or potential roof damage.

Environmental Factors
Beyond tile mold, there are potential environmental factors at play for the discoloration. For example, did you know that ultraviolet light, or UV rays, can cause tiles to stain or age more rapidly?

There is also no reason to panic if your ceiling tiles are old. Tile discoloration is a natural part of the aging process for most types of ceiling tiles. However, do not assume that the staining is a result of age. You should first inspect the tile and the area above to ensure that there are no other issues at play.

Mold is a possible reason for tile staining, and if you believe that it is the reason in your facility, then contact a mold removal company. Mold can be toxic, and spores spread quickly, so knowing how to handle the removal process is necessary.
While tile mold is one reason for mold discoloration, it is not the only one. There are at least three other causes of tile staining that are more likely. Talk to a remediation professional if you are concerned.

A Flooded Furnace Likely Means Replacement

9/9/2020 (Permalink)

 A burst pipe at the furnace and water tank has caused a leak Furnace flood in a Retreat, NC business

A pipe burst or natural flooding means much more than having water damage and restoration professionals assess and correct the damage. It could also mean a furnace flood in your Retreat, NC, business. Along with causing damage to the unit, unwanted water can make it into pipes, ductwork, and electrical components.

The Effects of Water

Even a small furnace flood can create critical damage to a unit. Unwanted water can have a negative effect on:

  • Gas valves
  • Wiring
  • Electrical controls
  • Motors
  • Safety features
  • Caused corrosion

Regardless if it is submerged or just a little wet, turn the unit and gas line off and get it inspected by a qualified professional.

Safety First
If a flooded furnace has been cleared as safe, it is important to change the filter and have an air duct cleaning performed. If numerous components need to be replaced before it is deemed safe, it may be worth considering getting a replacement. Those parts can quickly add up. Even if they fix the current issue, it might not be worth investing in an older model. There could also be hidden corrosion inside the unit that will eventually rear its ugly head.
If it is necessary to purchase a new unit, which will likely provide cost savings down the road, keeping the same situation from happening again needs to be considered. If a property is located in an area prone to flooding, it may be worth having the new one installed on a higher level or have it placed on a concrete pad that is more than six inches above the basement floor. Whenever doing any project that involves a furnace, be sure to consider safety. These units to be located where there are proper ventilation and space for maintenance.
While a furnace flood has the potential to be a costly investment, the safety employees and customers should always come first.

Be Proactive and Lower the Odds of Your Office Flooding

9/9/2020 (Permalink)

Sandbag pile protection from flood Stacks of sandbags provide some protection

Flood Prevention Strategies

No business wishes to suffer devastation caused by flooding. Luckily, smart flood prevention strategies can mitigate the effects of any storm’s fallout.

Financial Consequences of Floods
Consider the negative economic impact your company in Clyde, NC could suffer under a watery invasion:

  • Loss of assets, including electronic equipment, cubical walls, and work vehicles.
  • Loss of revenue, due to temporary closure and mandatory flood cleaning.
  • Loss of proprietary information, triggered by waterlogged filing cabinets or short-circuited computers.
  • Loss of business, due to inaccessibility when road closures become prevalent.

Using a few smart protection methods reduces the chances of uncontrollable liquid infiltrating your locale, thus avoiding a lengthy flood cleanup job best handled by a water damage specialist.

Means of Flood Prevention
Should your business be situated near a stream or river, consider erecting a sea wall. These structures are designed specifically to stem uncontrollable tidal waves from crashing ashore and rushing under doors. Similarly, retaining walls surrounding lakes and dams effectively hold storm waters at bay. Stacks of sandbags provide some protection if these more permanent options remain cost-prohibitive.
Planting trees and shrubbery is another effective method of curbing floodwaters, as it prevents the scourge of erosion. In addition to providing protection, you can feel positive knowing your efforts are benefitting the environment.
Blocked drainage systems overflow, so check to see that yours remain free from obstructions. Education is key to making sure trash never winds up where it should not, so brief the community regarding proper disposal. Discourage littering by making certain garbage receptacles remain conveniently accessible. Then, lobby for the installation of sewer blockage mechanisms that can prevent debris from needing to be extracted ever again.
Companies in high-risk areas must take particular care in deploying flood prevention tactics. Engaging in precautions before extreme weather strikes may mean the difference between an operation continuing to thrive and falling into a debilitating financial hole.

3 Thunderstorm Safety Tips Business Owners Should Know

9/8/2020 (Permalink)

Safety Tips That Can Help Business Owners Prepare For Storms

Though many business owners in Clyde, NC, prepare for various types of disasters, many forget to prepare for a rain storm. However, storms can cause major damage to businesses in a short period of time. There are several safety tips that can help business owners prepare for storms in their area.

1. Consider Installing a Lightning Rod

Lightning strikes are common causes of storm damage, and installing a lightning rod can be beneficial. Though many people believe a lightning rod attracts lightning, this isn't the case. In reality, a lightning rod deflects the strike, and the electricity will pass through the rod and go into the ground rather than striking your building and causing a fire. If you already have a lightning rod installed on your property, then it can be wise to make sure the rod is well-maintained and properly secured to your building.

2. Maintain Your Business's Landscape

Maintaining your business's landscape can be especially important before a rain storm. Before a storm, removing debris from your landscape can lessen the risk of your property sustaining damage. Additionally, cleaning your property's gutters and positioning the gutters away from your building can help to prevent flooding. However, your building is affected by a storm, it may be useful to contact storm mitigation and restoration experts.

3. Prepare Your Employees

Before a storm, it can be helpful to prepare your employees to make certain everyone remains safe during a storm. When a storm occurs, it's often best to avoid going outside. In order to keep everyone safe if a window shatters during a storm, it's wise to make sure employees and visitors stay away from windows, especially if high winds accompany a thunderstorm. It can also be helpful to go over storm safety routinely in order to make sure your staff knows the proper protocol to follow before, during and after a storm.

Although a rain storm has the potential to cause destruction to your property, there are steps you can take to prepare. Installing a lightning rod, maintaining your property's landscape and preparing your employees for a storm can help to minimize the risk of damage to your business.

The Role of a First Responder in a Flood

8/10/2020 (Permalink)

german fireman ( Feuerwehr ) stands near an accident A community such as Dellwood, NC, relies on a rapid response from first responder professionals

The job of a first responder in a flood varies due to several circumstances. The first issue is the job the person was sent to do. The police or law enforcement personnel have a different duty than that of an EMT or of a medical professional. Other first responders work for utility companies or public health agencies. As with any disaster, the initial emphasis is on the safety of people and animals impacted by the event. The next step is normally to concentrate on saving property from additional damage. Those who come into an unstable environment have extensive training to help them cope with dirty floodwaters, scared animals, downed power lines, and hazardous debris.

The Importance of a Swift Flood Response

A community such as Dellwood, NC, relies on a rapid response from first responder professionals. They help in many ways, including the following actions:

  • They give medical treatment
  • They help rescue people from flooded buildings
  • They transport people to hospitals
  • They restore the peace
  • They repair utilities

In addition to training, emergency personnel often need to wear personal protective equipment and get special immunizations. These precautions protect workers from injuries and illnesses that are part of a disaster zone.

The Value of a Quick Cleanup
A professional storm remediation company is also one of the first entities at the scene of a flood. The saying "Faster to Any Size Disaster" is more than just words. It enables trained technicians to get to work stabilizing the scene and removing water from a home. Since floodwaters are often contaminated with a variety of substances, the safe removal of black water is a priority. The next steps might involve the removal of damaged materials and the cleaning of personal belongings. The ultimate goal is o restore the home as quickly as possible. All of this can only be accomplished with the help of the first responder community.