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Do Commercial Generators Last Longer Than Residential Ones?

6/14/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial power generator Commercial generator.

When the power goes out, is your Cherokee, NC, business ready? In many cases, the commercial need for uninterrupted power is critical. Typically, this is accomplished using a commercial generator.

What Businesses Require Backup Power?

Simply put, if your losses from a power outage will exceed the cost of providing uninterrupted power, you need a power backup solution. However, many industries commonly have backup generators installed. They include:

  • Food storage and production
  • Medical care
  • Agricultural
  • Transportation
  • Energy extraction
  • Retail

How Fast Do Commercial Generators Work When the Power Goes Out?
A commercial generator will be installed with an automatic switch that turns it on in case of a power outage. This typically happens within 20 - 30 seconds of power loss. However, for that time, you’ll be without power.

Is There a Way to Keep Your Power Uninterrupted?
In most cases, yes. To cover the time it takes to start a generator, you can have an uninterruptable power supply installed. This uses batteries and a highly sensitive switch that will kick in within less than 5 milliseconds. That’ll keep all computers active, along with preventing surges to all the equipment and appliances.

Do Generators Break?
Definitely. Commercial generators require regular service. Whoever installs your generator can give you the service schedule, and it’s in your interest to follow it. They may also be damaged in a storm, along with your building. Generator problems and storm damage restoration can both be easily handled by your local storm restoration specialists.

What’s the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Generators?
The basic principles of both types are the same. An engine provides rotational energy, much like the motor in your automobile, except generators turn this energy into electricity by rotating magnetic fields alternating through coiled wiring.
Commercial generators differ because they are far more durable, typically provide more watts and are installed permanently. Residential generators are usually portable and hand-started, while commercial ones automatically switch over.
If your business needs a stable power supply to avoid heavy losses, you need a commercial generator. You can ask your restoration experts about the best brands for your business.

What Is Mold And Why Should You Care?

6/14/2021 (Permalink)

Mold infestation along the wall and ceiling in a house Mold contamination in a kitchen

Fungus is an important part of the natural environment. Without it, the surface of Earth would be covered with plant and animal litter, making the modern world impossible. Black mold, however, is not really natural, and it should be eliminated by skilled mold eradication experts when inside a home.

Is Mold a Fungus?

With perhaps 3 million species estimated, fungus is an important part of the decay process. Mold makes up part of the fungi kingdom, but it’s kept in check by its aversion to sunlight, which kills it quickly. Of course, many places inside your home are in perpetual shade, creating a large, unnatural medium for growth.

What Makes Mold Grow?
Mold doesn’t need sunlight, but it still needs a source of energy. It must have nutrients to grow on. Unfortunately, that’s precisely what it finds inside homes, such as

Ceiling tiles

In fact, any porous material that has an accumulation of cellulose is perfect for black mold. However, it needs one more thing: moisture.

What Is a Moisture Problem?
Your indoor air should be kept between 30 – 50% humidity. Above that, it can cause condensation in the right conditions. If that happens in a nutrient-rich area, mold is likely to grow. The mold spores are naturally prevalent in both indoor and outdoor air, and all they need is excess humidity and food to grow explosively.

What If You Have Mold?
Homes in Dellwood, NC, with mold will start to smell terrible while it gradually eats the material it’s growing on. If you see green, black or yellow discoloration or smell a persistent musty odor, you need an inspection.

Is Mold Damage Covered By Insurance?
Generally, if the mold is caused by a covered peril, many policies will pay for the cleanup. For instance, if you smell mold and discover a hidden roof leak causing it, the repair and mold cleanup may be fully covered.
Black mold shouldn’t be considered a natural substance. It barely exists outdoors and is terrible for homes. It needs to be eradicated by experts as soon as possible to prevent its spread.

Will Your Home Smoke Alarms Protect You?

6/2/2021 (Permalink)

Smoke alarm A smoke alarm is only as effective as your willingness to maintain it.
Building codes require home smoke alarms because they save lives and prevent property damage. They alert residents of the presence of smoke and provide an opportunity to evacuate. Over 50% of fire-related deaths occur in residences with a non-working or missing smoke alarm. This discussion about home alarms may help you evaluate the effectiveness of your system.

Keeping Your Alarms Working

Smoke alarms are at the center of any good fire-preparedness plan. Consider these regular maintenance practices:

  • Recording each alarm’s install date on the unit
  • Replacing batteries annually or obtaining a unit with a permanent, 10-year battery
  • Pressing the alarm’s test button monthly to check proper functioning
  • Vacuuming the exterior surface of the alarm regularly to clear dust or lint
  • Replacing alarms after a maximum of 10 years

A smoke alarm is only as effective as your willingness to maintain it. It may be helpful to enter these tasks on your calendar to alert you about important upkeep.

Choosing the Best Alarm for Your Home
Most newer homes have interconnected, wired smoke alarms, so when one detects smoke, they will all sound. This is an important feature for larger homes; smoke detected on the second floor will sound an alarm even in the basement. Wireless models solve this problem, and while more expensive, they are generally cheaper to install.
When shopping for a home system, be aware that a smoke detector is not a smoke alarm. Detectors do not provide an alarm and are not generally used in homes. You are looking for a system of residential smoke alarms. If you are not a fan of replacing batteries regularly and don’t mind spending a little more, look for a system with 10-year lithium batteries. Your local fire restoration specialist can evaluate your Brevard, NC, home, and help you choose the optimal alarm system.
Working smoke alarms are an essential home fire-detection tool. A well-maintained system can alert you while you still have time to call emergency response and evacuate. Proper care and maintenance put you and your household in the best position to protect your valuable property from smoke and fire damage.

The Do's and Don'ts of Handling Water Damage

4/21/2021 (Permalink)

A burned home in Waynesville, NC When fire and water damage strikes, a fast response is critical.

In an effort to contain and destroy massive fires, firefighters are forced to be vigilant and merciless when it comes to getting the job done. This often entails the full use of their fire hose across all areas, inside and out, to defeat the blaze with insurmountable force. Therefore, both fire damage and water damage become issues to address once the restoration process begins. Before you start the necessary cleaning procedures, take a look at these essential do’s and don’ts for handling water damage in Waynesville, NC.

1. DO prop up any furnishings that are upholstered and remove them from the building. Dense, fabric-covered cushions from sofas, chairs and the like can be tainted with dirty water and soot-covered debris. They should be kept outdoors to dry before deciding how best to clean them.

2. DON’T use or try to turn on any electrical appliances that may still be plugged in. Depending on the amount of flooding that is in the space due to fire damage and its aftermath, anything plugged in that may also be touching water should be actively avoided at all costs to prevent shocks or full-blown electrocution.

3. DO remove excess water where possible, if it’s safe to do so. Mopping up the floors and wiping up any flat surfaces can only help speed the process along.

4. DON’T stay in any rooms where the ceilings appear to be dangerously sagging. This generally indicates extreme flooding or water saturation, and such a ceiling could potentially collapse at any minute, causing serious injury to anyone standing beneath it.

The heavy use of the fire hose when battling a mounting inferno can lead to both fire damage and water damage to contend with during restoration. Prepare to begin the process a little more knowledgeably with these helpful do’s and don’ts at your disposal, and remember that professional help is always an option.

The Importance of Business Interruption Insurance

4/19/2021 (Permalink)

Burned structure, burned wall. A fire can lead to more losses.

A fire in your office building or warehouse in Maggie Valley, NC, can lead to more losses than just the cost of repair and restoration. While your property policy ensures that you are able to get the fire damage mitigation that you need, interruption insurance covers costs associated with the hit your business takes as a result of the event. Having sufficient coverage to handle this event can save your business.

What Does an Interruption Policy Cover?

As a business owner, make sure that you have all the coverage you need to stay afloat no matter what happens. Your business interruption policy can cover several expenses that arise due to a covered loss:

  • Loss of income for slower or suspended business
  • Temporary relocation
  • Operating expenses
  • Payroll and taxes
  • Loan payments

A basic business package may cover the damage to the property and any personal injuries that occur as a result. Interruption insurance covers the effects on the business itself.

How Long Does an Interruption Period Last?
In general, a business interruption policy covers lost revenue for the duration of the fire restoration process, even if it extends beyond the policy's expiration date. As long as the event that causes the interruption happens while the policy is active, your business should be covered until fire damage remediation experts have restored your building.
Your policy may even allow for an extension for a certain number of days past the end of restoration so that you can get your business back on track to the level it was before the fire. Review the language of your particular policy with your agent to understand the coverage to which you are entitled.
A solid business package covers the property and liability, but you also need interruption insurance if you want coverage for loss of income or the cost of operation. Having all the coverage you need can help your business survive whatever disaster comes your way.

Preparing a Commercial Building for a Thunderstorm

3/31/2021 (Permalink)

Weather Condition News Report Climate Forecasting Meteorology Temperature Concept Stay up to date on the weather events.

Prepare Your Commercial Building For A Thunderstorm

Despite its name, a thunderstorm does not only include thunder. It may also feature:

  • Wind
  • Heavy rain
  • Lightning
  • Hail

Each of these weather events comes with its own hazards. A heavy rain storm, for instance, can cause flash flooding in Bryson City, NC. High winds, meanwhile, can damage buildings or knock out power. By following the below steps, you can mitigate the harm caused by severe storms.

Know Your Risk
As the bad weather approaches, you may hear meteorologists issue a severe thunderstorm warning or watch for your area. You should know the difference between these two terms. A watch is declared when severe storms are possible. A warning, however, is issued when radar or individuals have detected the bad weather nearby.

Prepare in Advance
If a major rain storm is heading to your area, you should get your property ready. Bring inside any exterior items that are not attached to the ground. This will prevent those things from flying away in heavy winds.
You should also trim any trees or shrubbery growing near the building. Remove any damaged branches so they do not fall onto the structure during the storm.
An emergency kit is a valuable resource for your tenants. It should include necessary supplies and the contact information for storm damage restoration experts.

Keep Everyone Safe
Finally, make sure all of your tenants know what to do when the storm arrives. Have them close their windows and doors. They should stay away from the windows, as well. Remind them not to use electrical equipment or their plumbing system, either.
A rain storm can be harmful to your property, especially if the severe weather includes hail or heavy winds. Before the storm arrives, remove loose outdoor items from your landscape and trim any trees that are too close to the buildings. You should also prepare an emergency kit for each of your tenants. As the storm approaches, stay up-to-date on the latest alerts so you know when the threat has passed.

What Are Some Good Candle Alternatives?

3/30/2021 (Permalink)

The door frame and the wall of a home completely burned. Severe fire damage in Brevard, NC.

Avoid A Candle Related Fire At Your Home 

Many people enjoy using candle alternatives instead of candle fire to scent their homes in Brevard, NC. This excellent solution can help avoid potentially damaging fire involving candles. Consider the following highly effective open flame substitutes for your home.

Battery-Operated Candles
Flameless candles are a popular interior design accessory because they have the look of real candles, right down to their flicker. They run on batteries, and, unlike real candles, they do not melt, ensuring they will not require replacement. These candles usually come with remote control units that allow you to adjust them from anywhere in a room.

Candle Warmers
If you love the aroma of a scented candle but don't want to risk keeping an open flame, a candle warming stand is your best option. A wax candle can sit on top of a warming plate or electric heating stand that gently melts the candle's wax. Most candle heating devices automatically shut off after a certain amount of time, unlike real candles, which require vigilance to prevent accidents.

Oil Diffusers
Diffusers are growing increasingly popular among candle alternatives for scenting homes. They work by emitting a scented vapor made by mixing water with a small quantity of essential oil. Some large oil diffusers can even humidify a dry space, but they are most useful as an alternative to candle fire. Oil diffusers are also convenient for scenting a large area, whereas scented candles may only emit fragrance over a few feet. It is also safe to breathe air infused with essential oils, whereas some candle wicks release toxic substances while burning.

Reed Diffusers
Reed sticks dipped in essential oil containers offer a natural, flameless alternative for adding fragrance to rooms. The oil penetrates the porous reeds and travels up through their exposed tops, where its fragrance releases into the air. Reed stick diffusers as not as strong as electronic diffusers, but they are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to avoid a flame when adding fragrance to a room.
A local fire restoration service can recommend various candle alternatives to avoid a candle-related fire at your home in Brevard, NC.

4 Common Water Problems That Occur in Commercial Buildings

3/12/2021 (Permalink)

Flood cut removal due in Waynesville, NC to water damage, air equipment placed on damaged area Commercial water damage in Waynesville, NC.

4 Common Water Problems That Occur in Commercial Buildings

Maintaining a building in Waynesville, NC, can be rewarding, but you'll have to deal with some issues now and then. Something that's bound to come up multiple times is water damage. From leaking pipes to floods, your building is bound to undergo something of the sort. If you want to better prepare yourself, here are four common water problems that occur in commercial buildings.

1. Cast-Iron Sewer Line Failure

Since sewer lines form a connection between your building and the main sewer drain, each one needs to remain intact. Problems like clogging could cause substantial damage. While these lines are supposed to last around twenty-five years, you may experience issues like a toilet backup. These are some signs that your sewer lines are in trouble:

  • Constantly clogged drains
  • Smells from sewer gas
  • Yard indentations

2. Foundational Problems

Foundational problems are particularly problematic. Water damage can cause these issues, but it may also be caused by the resulting damage. If your drainage isn't properly functioning, you could acquire building problems. After the cracks or movements occur, this may open the door for more water damage, particularly with your plumbing. Keep an eye out for foundational damage around the structure.

3. Issues With Copper Pipes

While copper pipes are quite strong, there's always the chance that an issue like a pipe break will occur. This could be due to anything from old age to the state of the water. Whatever the reason, you'll want to see if you can get the pipes fixed. Replacing your entire system would be far more expensive than doing repairs.

4. Burst Water Pipes

If your water pipes begin to leak, you may see stains on your ceiling or walls. If left alone, leaking pipes can cause substantial damage to the building. For instance, mold may begin to form.
By keeping an eye out for these problems, you may be able to stop some from happening. If you do experience water damage (such as leaking pipes), call a water damage repair company for help.

2 Reasons You Want Certified Technicians

3/12/2021 (Permalink)

A man talking to some people in a Waynesville, NC office. Concept training The IICRC offers many training courses for technicians who work in the industry.

Reasons You Want These Technicians To Perform The Restoration Work

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) offers many training courses for technicians who work in the industry. Since it is the leading certifying body in restoration work, you must look for a company that hires certified technicians. Here are a couple of reasons you want these technicians to perform the restoration work on your commercial building.

1. Certified Technicians Operate at a Higher-Standard
Any time you hire a plumber, accountants, or mechanic, you expect them to have a certification in their respective field. Similarly, you expect your doctor to be certified by an appropriate medical association and your lawyer to be certified by the American Bar Association. An IICRC certification is the same idea as this. Having a restoration, cleaning, inspection, or mitigation certificate from this organization ensures that technicians are skilled employees dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality remediation work in the industry.

2. They Keep Up With the Latest Technology and Techniques
A disaster restoration company that has trained employees is going to be competitive in the industry. Aside from this, employees are going to stay motivated and up to date. This is because they regularly attend course offerings. They do this to gain more certifications, renew their existing qualifications, or work toward becoming a master in a restoration specialty. Here, they are exposed to the latest technological and technical advances in the field and learn how to incorporate them into their work. This means that hiring a business with certified employees gives you access to the highest-quality and most advanced service available for your business in Waynesville, NC.
The IICRC is the main certifying body for technicians working in the restoration industry. By looking for a restoration company that has technicians certified by this organization, you can ensure that your business is getting the highest-quality work paired with the most advanced technology and remediation techniques.

Can I Save My Stuff After a Flood?

3/12/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded home in Waynesville, NC, drywall removed due to water damage Floodwater damage to a residence in Waynesville, NC.

Can I Save My Stuff After a Flood?

No one ever plans to come home to a flood, but unfortunately, these events do happen. A pipe break can occur in your absence and leave you with a flooded home and huge mess in Waynesville, NC. As you take in the scene, you may be wondering if you can save anything that the water has touched.
Whether or not you can save your belongings really depends on a few factors:

  • Water source
  • Time
  • Condition of property

Water Source
The quality and source of the floodwater is the most crucial factor in determining whether you can salvage your property, such as your carpet and furniture. If the water comes from a clean source or supply line, the water is classified as Category 1 floodwater and you have a chance of saving your belongings. However, if the water has any contaminants or comes from a sewage backup, the damage is beyond salvageable and should be removed immediately.

If you have determined that the water from the pipe break is clean and your items are still within the realm of rescue, you must begin the cleanup process immediately. Waterlogged wood can begin to swell and crack, leading to structural damage, and mold growth can begin within 24-48 hours of the flood. If you allow this damage to happen, it will become much harder to save your items and could lead to additional costly repairs.

Condition of Property
If your carpets, floor or furniture were not in great condition to begin with, the floodwater can make it harder to save, even if the water is clean and you take immediate action. Flood cleanup and restoration professionals can help you assess the damage and determine what can and cannot be saved. These specialists are expertly trained to handle these situations and have the best tools and equipment to maximize how much you can keep and restore.
A pipe break can cause a lot of distress, but if the water remains clean and you do not waste any time getting help, you can mitigate your loss and prevent further damage.