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Helpful Hints When Removing Flood Water From a Basement

6/12/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Helpful Hints When Removing Flood Water From a Basement Patience can be difficult when dealing with tenants of a flooded commercial building.

When your commercial building floods in Waynesville, NC, the cleanup can differ from a home flood because more than one tenant is often involved. As the water covers the tenant’s home or business, the angst regarding the loss of income or personal possessions can be overwhelming. That is why hiring a professional team to handle the situation is generally the most time-saving solution. The specialists not only have the necessary equipment for an efficient cleanup, but the team can often help restore the building as well.

Removing Water

Although your first inclination may be to wade into the water to assess the damage, it is better to refrain. The water could contain any of the following:

• Sewage from toilets
• Harmful bacteria
• Electrical current

Turn utilities off and contact a flood removal team because it is important to remove the water immediately after the flood and before mold can begin to grow. If you have a trash pump, connect the hoses and begin pumping the water out of the building and into a drainage area away from the structure. A sump pump can also be used. While waiting for the water to drain, ask the water removal and repair team to document the drying process for your insurance company.

Drying Time

Mold can grow in as little as 48 hours, so stop the growth of mold by drying the building out as quickly as possible. Three equipment methods are typically used for drawing invisible moisture out of a wet building. They are:

• Heating and air-conditioning
• Dehumidifiers
• Fans and open windows

The method used to dry your building out will probably be contingent on the humidity and weather conditions in Waynesville, NC. The water removal professionals can often help you decide which method is best for your structure.

Rebuilding Begins

Patience can be difficult when dealing with tenants of a flooded commercial building. By taking the right steps and relying on a professional restoration team to use the proper equipment, you can rest assured the building’s recovery can be complete.
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The Basics of Commercial Property Insurance

5/21/2018 (Permalink)

The Basics of Commercial Property Insurance

Your business in Waynesville, NC, is your lifeline. As with all things that are important to you, you want to protect your business by insuring it properly. Commercial insurance packages often contain general liability, workers’ compensation and property policies. When reviewing property policies, it’s good to know what you should expect it to cover and how to work out a fair deal with your insurer.

What It Covers

Property insurance exists so that you can be compensated for losses that occur as the result of theft, natural disaster, flood or fire damage. Your insurance adjuster can assess your claim to make sure you are made whole again after tragedy strikes. There are many aspects of your business that your commercial insurance should cover:

• Building where your business is housed
• Important documents
• Equipment used, from computers to manufacturing machines
• Inventory
• Additional structures on the property, such as fencing or storage sheds
• Signage

Anything that restoration specialists must assess, restore or replace should be covered under your policy.

What It Costs

When putting together your insurance package, your agent weighs risk factors to determine the cost of your property insurance premiums. The higher the risk to the insurance company, the higher your cost is likely to be. For example, if you live in an area that has excellent fire protection records, or if there is a fire hydrant right outside your door, you may enjoy less expensive premiums. If your area does not have good fire protection or your building has a bad fire rating, the risk of insuring you is higher for the insurance company, so you can expect your monthly cost to be higher. While there are few things under your control that affect prices of insurance, having a good fire alarm or sprinkler system can help a little.

Your commercial insurance policy is designed to protect your business from catastrophes outside your control. Finding a solid property policy at an affordable price can give you peace of mind. For more information, visit

3 Factors To Consider When Hiring an Environmental Hygienist

5/14/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation 3 Factors To Consider When Hiring an Environmental Hygienist All of these professional credentials translate to more accurate, professional, and trustworthy testing, containment, and mold cleaning.

An environmental hygienist is a certified mold testing professional qualified to make recommendations regarding mold cleaning. The American Board of Industrial Hygiene grants two levels of certification: Certified Industrial Hygienist and Certified Associate Industrial Hygienist. You may obtain more reliable mold remediation results when working with a certified professional.

Here are three factors to consider when hiring an environmental hygienist.

1. The type of certification a hygienist holds: The ABIH is the major professional board for environmental hygienists. Other mold cleanup professionals may hold IICRC certification or NAMP certifications, but this does not mean that every employee specializes in the field of environmental hygiene.

2. The extent of the testing and mold cleaning recommendations you need: Depending on the extent of the testing you need, you may be able to rely on a general mold testing and remediation service If you want to have a highly trained specialist perform testing and interpret results, you should seek out an ABIH-certified environmental hygienist.

3. Whether you want to rely on one service or have independent testing done: You may want to have an outside opinion, both with regard to diagnosing the types of mold present in your home and verifying that no traces of mold remain following cleanup and remediation.

Make sure that the hygienist you hire holds a current certification. In order to obtain CIH certification, a hygienist must hold a bachelor's degree and have completed industrial hygiene coursework, worked in the field for at least four years, and be able to provide professional references. The ABIH also requires members to recertify every five years in order to keep up with changing standards over time.

All of these professional credentials translate to more accurate, professional, and trustworthy testing, containment, and mold cleaning. If you are concerned about mold damage in your home, contact a certified environmental hygienist located in Waynesville, NC. For more information, visit

How To Eliminate Cigarette Odors From Your Home

5/7/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How To Eliminate Cigarette Odors From Your Home When lingering cigarette smoke becomes too much, fight back with a home deodorization.

It is commonly accepted that cigarette smoke is an odor that adheres to surfaces when the smoke cloud abates. But the truth is, the smoke is a combination of odorous chemicals that can cling to surfaces for months after the haze is gone. Many people in Waynesville, NC, try scrubbing, repainting, and home deodorization to remove the smell, but even after those efforts, the odor can still linger. If the smell haunts you when you enter your home, here are some helpful hints on eliminating it once and for all.

Chemical Compounds

The reason the cigarette smoke sticks to your walls and carpets is that many of the chemicals are solvents that can permeate your home’s surfaces, including wood. When you clean, it often cannot reach the odor causing chemicals because they can be deep below the layer being scrubbed.

Ozone Treatment

There are no magical odor removing tools, but ozone home deodorization comes close. As the ozone sprays into the room, it breaks down odors at the molecular level. Ozone can treat:

• Bacteria
• Germs
• Spores
• Microbes

The molecules causing the offensive odor can chemically react with the ozone particles. Therefore, after cleaning the room, the ozone treatment can usually eliminate the remaining unpleasant scents and kill them for good. However, if carpets or woodwork have not been cleaned sufficiently after being in a heavy smoke laden room, the unpleasant cigarette odor may eventually come back.

Professional Removal

Ozone can be a respiratory irritant, so consider leaving the generator fueled operation to a professional odor removal crew. If the smell is unpleasant enough, even after cleaning, the ozone treatment may take up to 3 days. During that time, all pets, plants, and people may need to be relocated until the ozone removal crew completes the work.

When lingering cigarette smoke becomes too much, fight back with a home deodorization. Ozone can help remove odors and return your clean smelling home to you. For more information, visit

When Mold Keeps Growing Back, Here’s What You Need To Know

4/24/2018 (Permalink)

Mold is a resilient organism. Even if you wipe it away and kill it with bleach one day, it may pop up again the next — and the next and the next. You may wonder if you’re not cleaning it properly or if the methods you’ve been told to use are useless. While both of those may be true, the real reason that mold growth continues to plague you is mostly likely because of unattended water damage.

That said, mold may be resilient, but it is not unbeatable. There are a few steps you can take to get rid of the slimy, smelly substance once and for all:

• Repair leaking pipes
• Make sure materials and fabrics have the opportunity to dry properly
• Utilize a dehumidifier
• Keep areas prone to high humidity and moisture well ventilated
• Clean up and remediate any prior moisture issues
• Call a Waynesville, NC, mold remediation team if all else fails

Where There Is a Water Problem, There Will Be Mold

You cannot expect to eradicate a mold problem without first doing away with the source of the issue. If you keep cleaning up mold growth without first fixing the issue of water damage, you are just creating more work for yourself. Though eliminating a moisture problem may be time-consuming, doing so first can save you significant time and headache in the future.

When in Doubt, Call the Experts

There are individuals who specialize in mold cleanup and remediation for a reason: it’s hard work! If mold keeps coming back in your facility, it may be time to reach out to your Waynesville, NC, water restoration team. The professionals can identify the source of the problem, implement effective cleanup and remediation efforts and provide tips for how to prevent fungal outbreaks in the future. Stop cleaning up the same mess over and over again and call the experts in today.
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3 Strategies for Keeping Your Commercial Building’s Plumbing Healthy

4/18/2018 (Permalink)

When your Waynesville, NC, commercial building suffers from sudden plumbing problems, the results can be costly. Flooded rooms, damaged merchandise and ruined equipment may cost thousands of dollars in loss and a great deal of stress for you as a business owner. However, there are a few actions you can take to protect your building, no matter its size or location, from plumbing mishaps before they occur.

1. Find a Plumber Before You Need One

Trying to find the right plumber in the middle of a plumbing disaster can be a stressful experience. Because a broken pipe or leaking toilet will need repair right away, you may not have time to compare service options and prices and end up overpaying. However, finding a plumbing service before you need one not only gives you someone to call during a water emergency, but you can also take the time to find one that suits your budget and plumbing needs at your leisure.

2. Maintain Your Plumbing System

Preventing plumbing problems is usually less costly than having them repaired, so keeping your building’s pipes and drains healthy can be a wise investment. Have leaks repaired, have faucets and pipes checked often, and make an appointment with a flood damage and restoration company to have your building checked for potential plumbing issues that may result in flooding. Regular maintenance can prevent water damage to your building that may eventually cause serious structural issues.

3. Check Exterior Lines and Pipes

Your commercial building’s exterior water lines and pipes can be vulnerable to bad weather, cold temperatures and aging. Having them checked several times a year may prevent a water main break and severe flooding that may take weeks to repair. Ensure that pipes along exterior walls are properly insulated to reduce the risk of them bursting during the winter months.

Plumbing problems at your Waynesville, NC, commercial building can be costly when it comes to repair expenses and the flooding damage a mishap might cause. Maintaining pipes and lines and being prepared for an emergency can protect you and your business from these issues and give you peace of mind as a business owner. For more information, visit

3 Things To Do When a Flight Gets Canceled

4/12/2018 (Permalink)

Flight cancelations can be a great annoyance and inconvenience for travelers in Waynesville, NC. If your flight has been canceled due to adverse weather, there are several steps that you can take to improve the situation, including rescheduling your trip and obtaining some form of compensation. If you find yourself stranded by a canceled flight, follow these three storm tips.

1. Gather your flight information. The first thing that you should do is find tickets with your flight numbers. You will need this information whether you go to the flight desk or call the airline from within the airport. Having handy your flight number and any other data that the airline managers may need can make rescheduling your trip less stressful.

2. Call the airline. This can be a faster method for rescheduling a canceled flight than standing in line at the airport. If you see a desk with a long line in which everyone who would have been on your flight is now waiting, you may be able to reschedule more quickly and easily by phoning the airline directly instead.

3. Seek compensation. Check the cancelation policy of the airline you are flying. Some companies will reimburse you for connecting flights, help you switch to another scheduled flight, or provide you with a meal or hotel depending on how long you will be inconvenienced by a cancelation.

Storms can lead to cancelations no matter where you are flying to or from, and it is a good idea to know what to do in the event of a canceled flight. If you are traveling, you will need to contact your airline. If you are experiencing adverse weather closer to home, it is also a good idea to make sure your residence is prepared to handle the intensity of the storm and keep the number of a damage restoration service on hand. For more information, visit

Why Mold Testing Should Be Left to the Professionals

3/26/2018 (Permalink)

When you are considering the problem of mold damage in your home, you may not believe you need mold inspection. After all, if you can see the mold already, do you need an inspector to tell you it’s there? However, what you may not realize is that mold comes in various strains, and each strain requires different remediation techniques. If you want to fully eradicate the mold in your home, you need an assessment from a trained professional, and here’s why:

• A Waynesville, NC mold remediation expert can identify the species of mold in your home and figure out where it is hiding.
• A professional can provide mold cleaning tips based on the species of mold you’re dealing with.
• A professional knows that spores are everywhere and will conduct an air quality assessment throughout your entire home, not just in areas with visible mold damage.

You Get What You Pay For

Many homeowners opt to buy at-home testing kits to save money, but the truth is that DIY tests can cause more monetary waste than savings. At-home kits are designed to pick up the presence of mold (which all homes have) but cannot indicate from where a problem originates or what species of mold is present. This is unhelpful when it comes to mold cleaning and remediation efforts.

When homeowners rely solely on at-home test kits, they may miss spores or existing growth when cleaning. In other instances, they may invest in mold remediation efforts for an entirely different species of mold, which would do nothing to kill the species currently invading their home. Mold growth left unattended can eat away at a house’s structure and cause costly problems.

Professionals can detect dangerous levels of mold and give homeowners accurate assessments of where mold is hiding and what cleaning need to be done to kill that particular species. If you don’t want your mold cleaning efforts to go to waste, invest in a professional inspection. Anything less may prove to be a waste of your time and money.

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The Basics of Business Interruption Insurance

3/21/2018 (Permalink)

There are many types of insurance needed to protect your business in Waynesville, NC including fire insurance, workers’ compensation, and malpractice, depending on the type of company you own. One form of insurance protection that is often overlooked is business interruption insurance. This type of coverage provides help with lost income and extra expenses that are related to covered emergencies, such as the need to rebuild. Sometimes this type of coverage is included in existing insurance policies.

Types of Perils Covered by Insurance

There are several types of perils that a policy like this can cover. Work with your insurance provider to find out whether you have coverage for each situation.

• Falling objects
• Fire
• Lightning
• Theft
• Wind

Potential Reimbursement

Any of these situations could leave you with damages that leave you without a building or that result in a closed business for an unknown amount of time. For example, a burst pipe can close your business for several days, destroy a large part of your inventory, and damage your property. Business interruption coverage may reimburse you for lost income based on lost inventory and preloss earnings. It may also provide reimbursement for expenses accrued due to temporary relocation while you rebuild.

The Risk

Coverage for interruptions in your day-to-day operations can be very important to businesses of all sizes. Ask yourself whether your business could survive if you had to vacate your Waynesville, NC property or if you had to go without revenue for an extended period of time. Could your business survive if you had to hire more people to get your business back on track after a major disaster? How high are the risks of fire and other disasters? If there are more risks because of environmental factors or if your business deals with high-risk materials, the value of this type of insurance policy would be greater.

An Alternative

Before your business is affected by certain types of perils, before you’re forced to rebuild, and before you seek the services of clean-up experts, check out the value of insurance for interrupted business. The value of that coverage may be easy to recognize. Visit for more information on commercial storm damage

3 Steps to Making a Water Damage Claim

3/21/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage 3 Steps to Making a Water Damage Claim By calling SERVPRO of Haywood & Transylvania Counties, they will get water removed and quickly begin the extraction process.

Taking in the damage after a flood occurs in your Waynesville, NC home can be overwhelming. Ruined furniture, wet carpeting and damaged electronics can mean thousands of dollars in loss. Once flooding affects your home, one of the first actions you should do is file an insurance claim. To minimize stress, there are a few simple steps you can take when it comes to creating your claim.

1. Call Your Insurance Agent

Calling your insurance agent to report flooding in your home right away can help jump-start your claim and ensure that there is no delay on record later once the insurance company begins gathering data. Report when and how the flooding occurred, and ask your agent what he or she will need and whether your provider will be sending out another agent to assess the damage. Remember to give the representative your policy number and other information relevant to your coverage.

2. Take Photographs

Once you can safely enter your home again, take photographs of the damaged areas. If a pipe burst and caused the flood, snap a few photos of the broken plumbing. Photograph as many damaged items as you can, including big-ticket items such as televisions, washers and dryers, and mattresses. Once you finish taking photos, send them to your claims adjuster.

3. Meet With the Insurance Adjuster

Once your insurance company reviews your insurance claim, it may send the insurance adjuster out to speak with you and have you fill out additional paperwork. Have a list of questions ready for the agent, such as whether your policy covers the cost of a flood cleanup and remediation company to repair your home and whether your damaged items can be replaced at their full value.

Making an insurance claim for flooding in your Waynesville, NC home can be a stressful ordeal. However, when you know which steps to take, you can move forward and focus on repairs with confidence. Visit for more information on water damage.